A brief on a martyr life

Al-Hasaka_ Mahmoud Al-Omer, from Hasaka city, was working in one of the restaurants in the city, however, after the terrorism spread in many areas, he joined people protection units since the beginning of its establishment, he passed many training courses, then he participated in the liberation battles of (Al-Hasaka, Til

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A fighter from my home

The fighter (Muhammad Al-Khaled) from Shadadi town, he was a simple labor, working the whole day to provide the basic needs to his family. He joined SDF in 2017, and received training courses in the academy of (good morning), however, he participated in the liberation of Dair Al-Zor towns and

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Sons gun carried by parents

We read in history about the championships of heroes who fought many battles against injustice and hunger hundreds and thousands of years ago. Today, the world is witnessing heroism no less than what we have heard of. The whole world, through its television screens and social media, witnessed the heroism

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