Four of the terrorists were captured by SDF, liberation of 6 villages and the killing of 21 mercenaries in Deir al-Zour

Syrian Democratic Forces fighters participating in the campaign of Asefat AL-Jazeera liberated six villages from terrorists. During the clashes in the region, 21 terrorists were killed and 4 of ISIS terrorists were captured by the fighters. the campaign of Asefat AL-Jazeera, launched by Syrian Democratic Forces on September 9, 2017,

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House for women in Mansoura town

In the framework of the Women's Council's efforts to organize women, a women's house was opened in the Mansoura town in the south-eastern countryside of Tabqa. Al-Tabqa Civil Council seeks to organize all women in Al-Tabqa and its countryside. In the presence of a large number of women, Al-Tabqa Civil

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