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Fighter from my Country

Hasakah-The fighter, "Mohammed al-Hassan" of Hasakah city, joined SDF ranks at the beginning of 2016 to defend this pure land, which was drowned by terrorists. He Participated in several liberation campaigns in the Syrian north, including the campaign to liberate Raqqa city and its countryside, after he underwent military training

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Civil Court reopens

Raqqa- After the rehabilitation and restoration of the "Civil Court" in Raqqa city, to open its doors to the oppressed and owners of rights and complaints, which was opened in the presence of representatives of the Councils and departments of Raqqa Civil Council and tribal leaders and officials of institutions

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Fighter from the battlefield

In the final days  AL-Jazeera storm campaign, many of the heroes of SDF are heading to the front lines to take part in the fight against ISIS terrorrists, Mahmud Ahmad al-Khalaf, a resident of the Qahtaniya village in the western Raqqa countryside, is one of the fighters who suffered a

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