funeral of four martyrs in Al Hasakah

Hasakah - Residents of Hassakah city and neighboring villages on Thursday mourned the bodies of four martyrs to their last resting place at the martyrs' cemetery in Daoudiyah. The ceremony began by a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs followed by a military parade by SDF fighters,

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Fighter Of SDF

As long as we hear the stories of heroes sacrificed themselves to save their comrades from the grip of the enemies and do not care about the risks they provide But in SDF we see these heroes with our own eyes and hear their stories from their mouths and see

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The reality of the electrical system in Shaddadi

Self-management has been able to re-operate electric stations in Shadadi city as soon as possible by repairing them,and repairing their equipment and providing alternative tools for the stolen items. In order to highlight the reality of electricity in Shaddadi, the joint chairman of Shaddadi Electric Company, Abdul-Hamid Al-Swailh, said: In

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Shahid Sarhad Military Hospital in Shaddadi

shahid Sarhad Military Hospital in Shadadi City is the first hospital established in this city. It was called this name because shahed  Serhad presented many sacrifices in the liberation campaign of Shadadi before he died there. The hospital has received hundreds of military casualties from different fronts over the past

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