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Extend Tabqa fire brigade

Tabqa- The local management committee and the municipalities in Al Tabqa started to expand the fire brigade of Al Tabqa by opening two new centers in both Al Jerniya and Al Mansoors in Tabqa countryside Where the Committee organized interviews with a number of people to employ them in the

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Fighter from my Country

Ali Khamis al-Hamad, a member of Tabqa, joined SDF in late 2016. He underwent several training courses on various types of weapons. He participated in many liberation battles, including the liberation of Tabqa city and the neighboring villages (Mahmudli, Ja'bar). As he entered Al-Wasat Street in Tabqa city, a mine

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Tests for teachers in Tabqa city

Tabqa- Education Committee started tests for teachers of university graduates in Tabqa city and its countryside who could not register in archives. That to ensure that teachers have ability to give lessons to students and how to deal with them. Teachers will be sorted according to their Specialization and the

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