To Media and public opinion

We commemorate our heroic martyrs, all the martyrs of Qarajokh on the occasion of April 25th, Martyrs' Day in northern and eastern Syria. The Turkish occupation state carried out an attack on Mount Qarajokh on April 25, 2017, in which 20 YPG and YPJ fighters were killed. The aim of

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Fighter from my country

The sons of the North of Syria, with all its components, made precious and sacrificed their blood and souls to live in freedom and dignity and to get rid of black injustice, they had suffered during the terrorist campaigns carried out by the terrorist groups of various names, which caused

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A glance about the life of a fighter

The fighter Farhad Sheikh Dawei, born in Ras Al Ain, left school and abandoned his dream becoming a lawyer. He joined the People's Revolution more than five years ago. Farhad Sheikh Dawei talked to us, saying:After the terrorist attack Nusra on my city Ras al-Ain and after seeing with their

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