HomedialogueAl-Hurriya Dam: Continuous efforts to improve the situation of the dam

Al-Hurriya Dam: Continuous efforts to improve the situation of the dam

Al-Hurriya Dam was established in 1986, 20 km west of Raqqa city, near Mansoura town , with the aim of regulating the flow of the Euphrates River and the generation of electric power, in addition to fish farming , and the capacity of the dam lake reaches 900000 m3

During the years of the war, the dam suffered extensive damage to its structure, turbines, and quarrels as a result of the fighting, and it was almost completely out of service because of the tunnels dug by Daesh in its vicinity.

However, this situation changed after (SDF) liberated the region from the hands of Daesh and formed civil councils and institutions.

Since the beginning of the liberation, the workers of the dam joined hands and their number is 60 workers from various fields: engineers, technicians and ordinary workers to save the dam.

First they dried the water, which flooded large parts of the dam, and then removed the ruins left by Daesh  in the dam and its surroundings, and began maintenance work that is still going on so far, which resulted in the return of the third group to work fully, and continued  maintenance work in the second group after take off and entry in service by using a range of equipment and spare parts which  maintained by dam workers throughout the last period.

The first group has been out of service since 2011 due to major faults and the lack of spare parts.

In addition, the transformer yard that transforms the electricity produced from the dam on the local network has been repaired. The dam is generating 50 MW / s because each turbine in dam capacity is 25 MW /h .


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