HomedialogueJaish al-Thuwar: Turkey’s end would be in al-Shahba

Jaish al-Thuwar: Turkey’s end would be in al-Shahba

AL-SHAHBA- The fighters of Jaish al-Thuwar (Rebels’ Army) assured that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries would end in al-Shahba during their attacks on their liberated lands as they would deal the occupation devastating blows.RIDA HIR

The fighters of Jaish al-Thuwar made it clear that they are ready to repel the Turkish occupation and inflict them great damage whether in souls or weapons.

The fighter Rida al-Hur stated that they themselves would determine the Turkish occupation mercenaries’ fate, and they would deal them devastating blows. Rida directed his speech to Erdogan saying “you and your mercenaries would gain what you deserve at our hands as long as you intend to occupy our lands”.

While the fighter Muhammad al-Ahmad stated that they are ready for any attack that would be launched by the Turkish occupation as they have previously repelled them and would continue repelling them. Muhammad continued that they would not submit the liberated areas to the Turkish occupation domination, and they are striving for freedom and victory. MIHEMED EL EHMED

The military commander in Jaish al-Thuwar Ramy al-Agha assured that according to the principle of fraternity of peoples, they are fighting for the sake of one mindset which is liberating whole Syria from terrorist organizations and the Turkish occupation army.

Ramy al-Agha said to Syrian peoples “north of Syria people stand in solidarity with each other to liberate Syria from the mercenaries, and we would repel to stand against the hostile plans for the sake of our freedom and liberation. RAMI ELAXA

The military commander Ramy al-Agha concluded his speech saying “the occupier of our lands would not be able to go deeply into our lands more, and it is impossible to occupy the liberated areas because they are strongly protected by the unity of peoples”.

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