AL Shahid is light that illuminate the paths of freedom at Tabqa city

AL Shahid is light that illuminate the paths of freedom and because their blood is expensive for what they have done for everything that is precious and good for this country, we have the right to honor them and appreciate the sacrifices they have made.

The Civil Council of Tabqa has established an office for Shahid’s families to identify the needs of the Shahid’s families and all that is necessary for them.

Saddam Hussein, a member of the Office of the families of Shahid, briefed us on the work of the Office:

At the beginning of mercy for our Shahid, the Office of the Families of the Shahid was established on 10/6/2017. We offer our best efforts to help the Shahid ‘families and their families. We visit the Shahid’ families, and help them and catering for Eid and official occasions, providing food aid, and providing heating cards due to the advent of winter

The number of Shahid in the city of Tabqa 75 Shahid, and the office is studying a plan to distribute agricultural land to the families of the Shahid to be used by the people and the construction of apartments and we are always looking for the best to provide all we can provide to the Shahid and their families.



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