The outcome of Engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

1-Bagouz axis: In the morning, the terrorists launched an attack on the points of our forces in this axis, which liberated by our fighters yesterday. The terrorists used all kinds of weapons, including mortars, but our fighters resisted them, killed and injured in their ranks, while the rest were fled.

While our forces launched an attack on the sites and fortifications of terrorists, killing a number of them, while our fighters were able to install a number of points.

The terrorist organization tried to attack the points that our fighters were installed and have initiate to launch a counter-attack, but our forces confronted them and repel them back.

In the evening, our fighters launched an attack on the terrorist positions. There were strong engagements, in which a number of terrorists were killed, amid raids by the international coalition that targeted their vehicles. A number of Daesh terrorists were killed and their vehicles destroyed. Our fighters managed to achieve progress and new 15 points were installed.

2-Hajin axis: simultaneously with attack on Baguoz axis, in the morning, terrorists launched a strong attack on the points and positions of our forces in this area, using all types of weapons, including heavy ones, and violent engagements broke out, but our fighters resisted the attack and managed to kill and injure dozens of terrorists. The military engineering teams of our forces deactivated a dozen of mines that the terrorist organization had laid in the area.

This axis witnessed sporadic engagements, interspersed by mortar and artillery shelling.

A number of our fighters were wounded and taken to field hospitals for treatment.

3 – The outcome of the final Engagements:

– Number of terrorists killed: 55 / Terrorist.

– Terrorist losses: destruction / 43 / sites and fortifications of terrorists

– destruction / 3 / military roads used by terrorists

– destruction of weapons Dushka number / 1 /.

– Number of strikes by  international coalition: /57 / strike.

– Mines that were deactivated by our engineering teams: / 15 / mines.

SDF. Media Center

11 December 2018

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