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Meanwhile, we are engaging a brutal war against the terrorism in its last strongholds, and at the  time that we resist the hidden terrorists groups in the liberated areas, that aim to reorganize themselves again, the white house decision to withdraw from north east Syria will affect negatively on countering the terrorism process,  but will provide the terrorists and their supporters a political, military and field power to be activated again also  enable the terrorists to reapply a terrorist campaign in the region.

We make sure to the public opinion, that the war against the terrorism hasn’t been finished yet, and it hasn’t been finished yet, but it is passing a determining period that requires combining the efforts by all, and it also need more support from international coalition via supporting the fighters on the ground, not withdrawing.

In this case, the withdrawal decision will directly affect the attempts of the eliminating the terrorist organization, however this will affect negatively the international security and stabilization, also it will be disappointing for regions nations hops of safety and stabilization, however the withdrawal at this sensitive period will also destabilize the area in matter of security, and this would create a political and military chaos in the region, and will let its people under the control of enemy directions.

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