HomenewsEstablishment of the first military force of the Armenian component

Establishment of the first military force of the Armenian component


Hasaka – The Armenian component announced on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, the establishment of the first military force of the Armenian  in Tal Tamar. The brigade was named after the martyr “Nubar Ozanyan” , it is a part of the Syrian Democratic Forces and stands side by side with the components of the region.

The establishment of the force was declared during the commemoration of massacres which were committed against the Armenians by the Turkish colonial Powers.

The leader of the Armenian forces “Msis Botania” blessed the declaration of the Armenian forces to all components of North and East Syria in general and the Armenian component in particular. He promised to defend the gains achieved by Syrian democratic forces and by the sacrifices of the martyrs.


He said: “We will follow the path of our martyrs and resist until all the components of the north and east of Syria are free and build a decentralized Syria”.

At the end, the fighters recited the holy Armenian national song.

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