Arresting an ISIS cell leader in the Southern Countryside of al-Hasaka

SDF Special Units, enabled by air support from the International Coalition, have conducted a security operation in al-Si’da village, Marcada town, southern countryside of al-Hasaka.
The operation targeted a wanted leader of ISIS cells who was involved in using IEDs against the military and security vehicles in addition to conducting terrorist acts targeting military and security points in al-Hasaka and Deir Ezzor areas.
Based on precise intelligence information and after long monitoring and tracking, our forces raided the house of the terrorist, arrested him, and confiscated equipment and documents proving his involvement with ISIS cells.
Our Counter-terrorism operations continue in the region by the SDF and the International Coalition to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS and maintain the safety and security of the region.

SDF Media Center

June 18, 2022

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