The Internal Security Forces announce the martyrdom of four civilians including two children due to a brutal Turkish attack on Qamishlo city

Statement regarding the explosion that happened in al-Sina’a neighborhood, Qamishlo

To Media and Public Opinion:

The initial investigations conducted by our competent forces have shown that the explosion that happened this evening (August 6) at 6:10 p.m. in al-Sina’a neighborhood in Qamishlo, had caused by a Turkish drone strike targeting a civilian car, resulting in the martyrdom of four civilians including two children who were close to the site of the explosion, and two others injured to various degrees and were hospitalized.
In addition, the explosion caused serious material damage to the shops and cars that were near the explosion.
The investigations are ongoing to identify the identities of the martyrs.
The continuous international silence regarding the Turkish violations led to these continuous Turkish aggressions against the civilians.

ISF Media Center in NE Syria
August 6, 2022

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