The outcome of the Turkish aggression on NE Syria on November 25, 2022

The obvious frustration of the Turkish occupying State resulting from its aggression on NE Syria has become quite clear, so it continues to bombard the populated areas and civilian infrastructure in a brutal and barbaric manner. However, our people continue to withstand and resist this aggression, and we are proud of the courageous and honorable stance, and we confirm our right to defend them by all legitimate military means.

On the sixth day of the aggression, the occupation shelled more than 77 villages, towns, and civilian infrastructures in north and eastern Syria. In addition, a group of mercenaries covered by Turkish UAVs tried to infiltrate the Zarkan area, but our forces confronted them, killing six mercenaries during the legitimate response operations.

The additional outcome of the aggression during November 24-25, is as follows:

An additional outcome of November 24:

1 – Aljazera Region:

A- Amuda:

The “Zarkan” front was targeted with more than /8/ artillery and mortar shells.

Six Turkish-Backed Mercenaries Killed in Zarkan countryside. In Bobi village, our forces killed two mercenaries who tried infiltration into the village, and in Um Aushba village, our forces conducted an operation using heavy artillery against mercenaries, killing 4 mercenaries.

B- Qamishlo:

The villages of “Zourava, Khoitila, and Mullah Abbas” were subjected to 7 artillery shells.


C – Tal Tamir:

The villages of “al-Tawila and Al-Kozalia” were subjected to 14 artillery shells.


2 – Euphrates region:

A- Kobane:

The villages of “Jishan, Khrab Baysan, Zorava, and Tallet Ahmed Mounir” were targeted with 11 mortar shells and two artillery shells.


B- Gri Spi / Tal Abyad:

The villages of Talat Khan, al-Khalidiya, and Ghazi Trad were targeted with heavy artillery and tanks shells.


C – Manbij:

The villages of “Al-Yanli, Kurhuke, Aoun Al-Dadat, Al-Hawsharia, Al-Bogaz, and Al-Sayada” were targeted with more than /18/ mortar shells and /5/ artillery shells.

D – Al-Terwaziya:

The town of “um al-Baramil” was shelled with 3 artillery shells.


The outcome of November 25, 2022


1 – Afrin and Al-Shahba area:

The villages and towns targeted:

Samuqiah, Tal Ziwan, Tal al-Madiq, Tal chichan, Um Housh, Ain Daqna, Nirabiyah, Bayloniya, Deir Jamal, Sheikh Issa, Tal Mayassa, Maranaz, Shawargha, al-Malikiyah, Sogankah, Quneitra, Tal Binh/Ibin, Tat Marrash, Tannab, Alqamiya, Irshadiya, and the town of Tal Rifaat.

Weapons Used: More than 406 shells, 39 mortar shells, and 350 heavy weapon shells.


2 – Al Jazeera Region:

A- Tal Tamir:

The villages of al-Dardara and Tal al-Tawil were shelled by heavy artillery.


B – Al-Hol:

Some ISIS families managed to escape the camp, but they were soon captured by the Internal Security Forces.

3 – Euphrates region:

A- Kobane:

The villages and towns targeted:

Zor Maghar, Jishan, Kuran, Kharab Baysan, Ziyara, Qaramog, Tal Sha’ir, Saftak, Kur Ali, Charqli, Kharab Atto, Tallat Mashtanur, and the town of Al-Shuyoukh Fawqani.

The weapons used: Heavy artillery and mortars.

B- Gri Spi / Tal Abyad:

The villages targeted:

Hoshan, Sayda, Abdouka, Abu Kardo, Al-Debs, Koberlik, Ibrahim Kurdi, and the international road (M4).

The weapons used: Heavy artillery and mortars.


C – Raqqa:

The silos of “Al-Sharkrak” and the village of “Al-Suaydiya” were shelled with 5 artillery shells.


D – Manbij:

The villages targeted:

Tal al-Hamam, al-Hushariya, al-Jat, Kurhuke, al-Sayda, Aoun al-Dadat, and al-Yanli

Weapons used: 15 mortar shells and 12 artillery shells.


SDF Media Center

November 25, 2022

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