outcome of Engagements in the battle to defeat terrorism

1-Al-Bagouz axis: Strong engagements broke out between our fighters and terrorist Daesh organization the latter used heavy weapons and mortars randomly. As a result of engagements, our fighters seized a 120-mm mortar and a number of other weapons and military equipment, and several terrorists were killed.

In the morning, Daesh terrorists launched attacks on the positions of our forces south of Soussah village. Our fighters confronted it. Violent engagements broke out, in which a number of terrorists were killed. Our fighters also destroyed a motorcycle with a number of vehicles which were used by the terrorists. In addition to the bombing of a number of mines laid by terrorists in the area.

In the same axis, our fighters targeted the positions and Fortifications of the terrorists, through mortar shelling, which caused losses in their ranks, but were not known, due to the severity of the shelling and the presence of mines in the area.

Simultaneously with engagements, Coalition artillery shelled terrorist positions, and destroying 3 sites and causing casualties. Coalition jets also participated in shelling terrorist positions and points.

2- Hajan axis: This axis witnessed battles and engagements between our fighters and “Dahesh” terrorists, and due to that a number of them were killed, in addition to the destruction of some of the sites where they were holed up, and our fighters were able to detonate a number of mines which were laid by terrorists to prevent the progress of our fighters, International Coalition Forces targeting terrorist sites with Hummer missiles,  which led to the destruction of some of its positions.

3-Outcome of engagements:

– Number of terrorists death:/ 9 / terrorists.

– International coalition jets strike:/ 2/ strikes.

– Number of rockets launched by International coalition on terrorist sites: /2/ rockets.

– Terrorist losses: destroy / 3 headquarters, destroy a motorcycle, and seized a 120-mm mortar.

Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

16 October 2018

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