SDF General Command reviews Operation Humanity & Security with the International Coalition and the representative of The US Government

During their visitation to the al-Hol camp, the member of the SDF General Command, Mahmoud Barkhodan, reviewed with the delegations of the International Coalition against ISIS and the US Department of State the security and humanitarian situation of the camp and its future with regard to the increased recent threats of the ISIS sleeper cells inside and outside the camp, where the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of NE Syria, enabled by the SDF and the International Coalition, have launched the second phase of the Operation Humanity & Security to haunt down those terrorist cells.
Barkhodan separately received the two delegations headed by General Carl Harris, deputy of General Commander of the CJTF-OIR, and Nicolas Grainger, the High Representative of the US Government in NE Syria. They have assessed the current and expected threats the camp poses in light of the international inaction and lack of response to the AANES’ calls to resolve this case by urging countries to repatriate their nationals and providing adequate support to the AANES.
He also introduced the sacrifices of the ISF in thwarting many inside and outside attack attempts on the camp by the terrorist cells during and after the attack on the al-Sina’a prison.
Regarding Operation Humanity & Security, Barkhodan reviewed the initial results of the operation, highlighting the particular importance of the operation timing when ISIS sleeper cells escalated their crimes against the camp residents.
For their part, the two delegations reiterate their continuous support to the SDF and ISF in Operation Humanity & Security against terrorism in NE Syria.

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