Al-Jazeera Thunderbolt: 32 terrorists arrested, and the operation expanded to the Tal Brak area

With the participation of the Internal Security Forces and the International Coalition, our forces continue pre-emptive operations to track down ISIS cells and destroy their hideouts in the areas of Tal Hamis and al-Hol in NE Syria. Our forces arrested 32 terrorists in the western countryside of Tal Hamis, three of them were on the wanted list, and over the last period, they were on a surveillance mission for the ISIS cells.
On the third day, the operation expanded to the town of Tal Brak after receiving information about suspicious movements by the terrorist cells who tried to flee the area. Three terrorists left their hideouts for shelter in civilian homes east of the town, but the populace refused to take them in to be arrested later by our forces who were haunting them.
During the security inspection, the joint forces confiscated unauthorized military and semi-military uniforms used for camouflage. Six of the arrested terrorists were involved in harboring ISIS cells and supplying them logistically. The joint forces continue the qualitative operations in the towns of Tal Brak and Tal Hamis to eliminate the remnants of ISIS terrorist cells.
According to initial investigations, these elements were trying to exploit the areas of Tal Hamis and Tal Brak to maintain lines of external support from areas outside the Autonomous Administration of NE Syria.

SDF Media Center
December 31, 2022

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