Al Jazeera Thunderbolt Continues Eradicating the Terrorist Hideouts in Tal Brak

Within the framework of Operation Al-Jazeera Thunderbolt, launched by our forces with the participation of the Internal Security Forces and the International Coalition, the joint forces intensified search and sweep operations in the areas of al-Hol, Tal Hamis, and Tal Brak.
Today during the early morning hours of the fourth day in Tal Brak, the forces managed to spot the movements of a terrorist cell trying to flee from the areas of operations and rehide in remote areas. However, the joint forces raided their hideout, immobilized them, and arrested six wanted terrorists involved in terrorist acts in the al-Hasaka area.
In the eastern neighborhoods, a terrorist cell tossed a sound grenade at the forces as they approached their hideout. The forces raided the place, forced surrender on the terrorist cell, and arrested three terrorists. No injuries were caused during the raid operation.
The third day and day four morning of the operation resulted in arresting 40 terrorists, including facilitators of terrorist acts, recruiters of potential terrorists, and logistical suppliers.
The sweep operations were accompanied by security inspection operations in which a large quantity of various unauthorized military uniforms used to camouflage and forged identification documents with nom de guerre to avoid security pursuits, weapons, and ammunition was detected.
Operation al-Jazeera Thunderbolt continues eradicating the terrorist cells from the region, destroying their hideouts and maintaining security. The joint forces succeeded in preventing the ISIS terrorist cells from carrying out terrorist acts during the New Year’s celebrations which passed off peacefully thanks to the security measures and pre-emptive strikes.

SDF Media Center
January 01, 2023

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