Resistance of Shaitat tribe continues in memory of its massacre

   The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces recalled the third anniversary of the horrific massacre committed by the daesh organization on the Shaitat tribe in a statement, express its determination to move forward to eradicate terrorism.
These days, we are witnessing the third anniversary of the horrific massacre committed by the terrorist daesh organization against the Shaitat tribe in the countryside of Deir al-Azur, where more than 700 people have died of the terrorist guillotine without a fault, except that they wanted to live in peace away from the clutches of terrorism.

The resistance of the courageous Shaitat tribe against terrorism, and the risk of the best of its men against the injustice and tyranny that has destroyed the lives of all Syrians. It is a source of pride for us in SDF as a model for countering the terrorism.
The heroic resistance of the Shaitat tribe is an inspiration to all the Syrian tribe, which the tribes of the Euphrates region managed to build a broad social alliance to resist and fight the terrorist organization. The involvement of the tribes under the banner of SDF and formation of the military councils is a natural result of that resistance against terrorism.
We are in Syrian democratic forces, reached more than 50,000 fighters from all parts of Syria. On this occasion, we reaffirm our commitment to liberate Syria and all its components from these terrorist plots, those who were exploited in the blood of our people and loved ones. We also emphasize that Shaitat tribe will return to their homes with dignity, because they did not bow to terrorism when it was at the height of its power.
Glory and eternity to the martyrs of Syria
Glory and eternity to the heroic community resistance embodied by the Shaitat tribe
Shame of terrorism
General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces

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