40 ISIS killed during infiltration in the eastern neighborhoods of Raqqa

ISIS groups tried last night to infiltrate in Mishleb, Industrial and Raqqa Al-Samra neighborhoods. ISIS infiltrated in those neighborhoods is to break the siege on ISIS mercenaries in the city center of Raqqa. Accordingly there were heavy engagement between SDF and ISIS groups. According to the information from the front there are casualities within ISIS terrorists ranks.

Durning the clashes in Mishleb and industrial neighborhood as well as Raqqa Al-Samra 3 km east of Raqqa,40 ISIS mercinaries killed till the writing of this report.ISIS infiltrated groups trying to break the siege imposed by SDF on them in the city center of Raqqa. SDF could kill 40 of ISIS mercenaries and destroy a VBIED for them. It is worth mentioning that the clashes are ongoing till writing of this report.


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