Ain Issa Complex: Opening of the third training course for teachers

Ain Issa Educational Complex opened the third training course for teachers who were recently enrolled in the town of Ain Issa, in continuation of the previous courses, as a result of the continuous increase of students and the opening of new schools.

The aim of this course is to acquire a number of basic skills related to raising the skills and abilities of education and self. The course included the concept of training, its requirements, its skills and its relation to educational concepts, as well as the skills, roles and characteristics of the trainer.

The course will focus on the practical aspect and ways of dealing with obstacles and challenges because the child in the previous stage is exposed to various means of marginalization. The task of the trainees is complex and difficult to deal with. The teachers will be trained in federalism and teaching methods.

The session will be attended by 21 teachers and teachers, and the number will be increased. The course will last for 20 days and will be supervised by supervisor Sabri Ahmed and Supervisor Hanan Al-Zaher. The teachers will be appointed after graduation in the schools of Ein Issa and its countryside.

It is worth mentioning that this third session, where two previous courses were held, which included 600 teachers .



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