Training Of The Martyr Juma al – Nazzal Academy

Tabqa -SDF that has worked to secure peace and security since its liberation of Tabqa and Raqqa regions by opening seven academies and regiments in Tabqa. Today, the Martyr “Juma al-Nazzal” academy is considered one of the most important military academies in Tabqa of its military trainees who supervise military training and give it to fighters Joining to the academy.

The martyr “Juma al-Nazzal”, academy located in al-Jarniya town belonging to Tabqa region  , which provided 15 martyrs in the campaign of anger of the Euphrates and the storm of the al-Jazeera , where it was founded about eight months ago by opening two training courses and the last course in the name of Martyr “Ali al-Raqqa” who martyred in Raqqa ,the number of fighters in the course 102 fighters and also graduated 300 fighters in the name of the “Alaa Khalifa “course  ,the fighters sorted to the border points corresponding to the forces of the Syrian regime and campaign storm of al-Jazeera.

Aboud Dushka, the supervisor of the Juma al-Nazzal Academy, spoke us about the academy’s policy aims that the fighter should have the morals of the SDF to spread this thought to the fighters. Dushka noted that the training exercises by the fighters are training for light and medium weapons and training them for street fighting and quick raids. morals

We as an academic administration in the coming days, we will prepare the training of the Commandos course for fighters to be ready for all stages of the fighting.

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