Syrian Woman Council in Til Abyad… organizing women and returning their pioneering role in society

News Center_ women represent half of society and it is the operator that moves the other half, however, women have been restricted with social costumes and traditions, they were also victims of despotic mentality that deprived them from practicing their organizing and prior role inside society.

Women Council, that was formed in our region, is an attempt to reorganize women in society, in order to return their pioneering role in all aspects and aware them with their rights that were taken from them.

Syrian Woman Council, in Til Abyad district, is one of the councils that were established to enable women of all society components to be active politically and aware them, however, the council is working on attracting the independent women personalities in all aspects.

However, the council was established 6 months ago, as an independent entity, it is not affiliated to women committee in the district, but represented in Syrian Democratic Council, in addition to other branches branches that are distributed on the areas of north of Syria in Manbij, Kobani, Al-Tabqa and Raqqa which are affiliated to the main center in Qamishlo city, moreover, the council is planning to set up other branch in Dair Al-Zor region..

There are 4 members work in the council, 4 committees are affiliated to it, regions committee, Turkmen Woman Committee, Sluk district committee and  Ain Issa committee.

The council plays an oriental role in order to insure woman value and right in forming future constitution of Syria, furthermore, it coordinates with all women councils and committees all over Syria, alongside Coastal areas, Idlib, Aleppo and Damascus in order to achieve this goal.

The council depends on women awareness in Til Abyad and its countryside, where small conferences were held as well as small and massive meetings, beside awareness tours and gradual visits for women inside Til Abyad city, the council has solidarity with all women issues all over the world.

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