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Turkey carries out massacres of defenseless civilians

In front of the eyes and ears of the world and in the presence of many international media, Turkey and its allied factions continue to carry out massacres of civilians in north and eastern Syria and practice a genocide war in every sense of the word.
As part of its systematic work to cleanse north and eastern Syria of its population, the Turkish invasion army directly targeted a convoy of civilians who had gone to Ras al-Ain city to express their rejection of Turkish invasion. Which resulting in killing and wounding dozens of civilians.
The convoy heading to Ras al-Ain was accompanied by many journalists and was protected by members of the Internal Security Forces. It was directly and brutally targeted which reflecting what Turkey is really planning and revealing its true intentions.
This horrible massacre against our people in the north and eastern Syria is a heinous crime committed by Turkey in front of the eyes of the world, throwing out all international and humanitarian values and norms. We therefore appeal to the international community to have a responsibility of the massacres of civilians by the hands of Turkish army, and we call on all the international forces to come forward and stop this massacre against our people.

General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces
13 October 2019

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